Learning has never been so easy. With unlimited resource online, you can learn about anything now. But, book is still the best way to learn. If you want to increase your knowledge base regarding computers, Windows and data recovery, then here are some suggestions.

Computer Data Recovery: Crucial Tips For Data Recovery And Maximizing The life Of Your Hard Drive – by K M S Publishing.com


Computer data is now very important to us and we cannot afford to lose it. There are constant threats on these data from viruses, power surges, hackers, human errors or natural disaster. These may cause hard drive failures. In this book you will find many useful tips on data recovery.

Windows 10 for Dummies – by Andy Rathbone


This book covers the latest version of Windows. Here you will learn about the new features in thin updated version of the operating system. There are many time-saving tips that will help you to get the most out of the software. You will learn how to navigate the interface, connect to the web, dealing with troubleshoots and making quick fixes.

Windows Data Recovery Techniques (Computer Repair Professionals) – by James Litten


This will teach you how to recover data. You will find step by step instruction for many common situations. Topics include recovering deleted files, recovering data from damaged partitions, repairing damaged files, and so on.

Absolute Beginner¿s Guide to Computer Basics (5th Edition) – by Michael Miller


Here you will learn everything a casual user need to know about Windows 7, software and the Internet. Topics include setting up a new PC, working with various Internet tools like Facebook, craigslist, Twitter, etc.

You will find these books very resourceful. Try reading these and you will have far greater knowledge than you have now on computers, Windows and data recovery.