Should you buy a laptop or a PC?

Laptops are great as you can carry them anywhere. You can use it on the go. Desktops also have advantages. They offer better price-to-performance ratio. You should consider a number of factors when taking the decision of whether to buy a desktop or a laptop.

Weight, size and portability

Laptops are light and easy to carry. A typical laptop weighs 4.5 to 8 pounds. Manufacturers are coming up with lighter versions. The MackBook Air, for example, weighs less than 3 pounds. Desktops, on the other hand, weigh about 25 pounds. If you use computer regularly at home work or on-the-go, then portability of the device is an important factor to consider.


The small size of laptops makes it physically taxing and less comfortable. The keyboard and the trackpad orientation of laptops vary. It is sometimes difficult to use the keyboard. The smaller the laptop, the smaller the display becomes. It may cause strain on the eyes. Desktops are designed to make users comfortable using it. Its display is at eye level and the keyboard allows for proper positioning of the arms, wrist and the back. If you have to work long hours then it’s better to buy a desktop.

Cost and reliability

Desktops cost less than a laptop. Laptops are more prone to accidents due to their portability feature. Upgrades and repairs for laptops are more costly than laptops.


Both desktops and laptops can be connected to the Internet via dial-up modems, DSL, Ethernet and Wireless networking. So, both have the same level of connectivity.


Due to the small size, laptops are vulnerable to theft. You should take your laptop wherever you go. Now there are some ways you can lock your laptops.

Desktops are less expensive, more comfortable and provide better performance from a fixed location. Laptops can be used from anywhere. It is more costly than desktops. The choice is up to you. You should evaluate your computing needs to decide whether to buy a desktop or a laptop. The choice is yours. Evaluate and review your computing needs and decide what’s best for you.

How to use OneDrive to backup your most important files

OneDrive is a cloud storage and file sync service. It provides 15GB of free cloud storage for its users. For businesses who use Office 365, OneDrive gives 1 TB of free cloud storage for every user. People use OneDrive for file sharing and backups. Here is how you can use OneDrive to backup your files.

1. Verify OneDrive is installed

First, you need to install OneDrive application on your computer. Then log in to OneDrive as a client and have a look at its features. You need to install a backup software of your choice here as well, like NovaBACKUP.

2. Select what to backup

Launch the NovaBACKUP software and create a new file backup job through the ‘Backup’ tab. Then select what files you need to backup. After selecting the file, name the backup set.

3. Select OneDrive as your storage destination

Set the destination storage location to OneDrive. Click ‘Backup to…’ button at the Backup tab screen. There you will find a list of devices to select from. Yo will see a device named ‘SkyDrive’. Select that because this is your OneDrive. Type the media name, which is the name of the backup set that will be stored on OneDrive.

4. Enable Encryption on your backup

To enable encryption, click on the ‘Settings’ button at the bottom of the ‘Backup’ tab. Then click on the encryption tab to enable encryption. You should only enter alpha-numeric characters into the secret key field. Store the password in a secured location. You will need the password to recover your files.

5. Save your backup job

Now save your work. Now you can test your backup job by restoring files from it. After you select the files to restore, you must enter the encryption key.

Using OneDrive is very easy. You can create backups of your files in OneDrive and restore them anytime you want.


3 reasons why you should update your windows today

Most people don’t maintain our computer after buying it until something goes wrong. When there is a virus attack or computer malfunction, we call a technician to fix it. If the situation is worse, we buy another new computer. If only you could update your operating system like Windows, a lot of these problems won’t even occur.Here are some of the reasons why you need to update your Windows.

Get up-to-date


When you update the latest version of your operating system, it automatically updates software. Keeping the operating system up-to-date is very important for the health of your computer. In the latest version of your operating system, you will have more bugs fixed, updated drivers, and better software. It will improve the security, speed and reliability of your computer.



Viruses are a big concern for computer users today. For PC users, an anti-virus package is necessary. You will find many free anti-virus applications online like Avira, AVG, Pandas Cloud Antivirus, and many more. Keeping these up-to-date is very important. If you have the latest operating system, then it can allow for automatic updates of these anti-viruses.

Advanced features


Every time there is a new version of Windows, there are lots of new features, making the user experience better than before. You can make use of all the features of your computer by having the latest version of Windows installed in your computer.

Staying updated with your Windows will save money in the long run. Updating operating systems gives more security and reliability of using computers. The performance of the computer is also improved to a great extent. That’s why it is necessary to update your Windows today.

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